Some Purposeful Comments

There is something that needs to be known and I need to remind myself of: I am generally not writing with the intent of being right or conclusive. I do not have the ability to research to an extent that would position me well to write towards this end.  I am supposing out loud. This blog is a thought exercise; a sort of calisthenic. Since I am not in the practice of dead lifting material specific subject matter on a routine basis I am using my own weight as exercise. That is I am thinking through topics with my limited powers of reason aided by only a smattering of research that I am doing ad hoc as questions arise while I am writing.

I realize this preamble is similar to Kevin Smith’s “this is not for critics” remark, but the important distinction is that these entries are not a production. I view these entries as having their own life. The ideas are only being brought into this world through an imperfect medium; yours truly. I am merely an explorer observing. Some times I will be in rough and uninhabitable territory, and it will be difficult to report with clarity due to instrument bias (my head and heart) or the treachery of the terrain (the collective wounds that make it difficult to speak plainly and openly) . The important thing is that I speak out what is true in my sight, to describe the landscape from my unique vantage point.

This is all just to say I will be writing opinions as real, loving, and mature as I can.


The Writer


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